About Us

EduGuru is developed and produced by The Game Creators, a privately owned UK company, established in 1999. The Game Creators have an in-depth understanding of consumer & educational software, having worked for one of the top 5 software publishers in the UK, Europress Group, before it was sold to Hasbro. One of their key products was ‘Fun School’ which sold over 2 million units in the UK in the 90s. It was translated to 15 languages and licensed to different countries in Europe, US and Asia.

They also created and produced the computer game for Art Attack, the top selling educational product in the UK (before Disney owned it). The highly successful 'Klik'n Play' and 'Click & Create', were two of the very first game creator brands.

The Game Creators also develop software and game engines and in 2014 launched AppGameKit, an affordable and easy to use development tool to create games and apps cross platform. In 2016 they launched a free version of AppGameKit for Raspberry Pi users and an HTLM5 version.

In 2015 The Game Creators produced GameGuru, an exciting brand new game creation tool for PCs, which is easy to use and enables anyone to create, share and sell their game. 2016 saw the launch of a stand-alone version of GameGuru specifically for the education sector, which means that GameGuru is now being used in a variety of Schools, colleges and universities to help young people easily and quickly learn coding and game development skills.

GameGuru incorporates structured parental controls which means that kids can now really hone their game development skills with GameGuru, in a safe and secure environment.

In creating EduGuru, The Game Creators have focused on the development of child-friendly applications for iPhone, iPad and Android. Their collaborative approach includes more than 100 designers, coders, artists and programmers; all dedicated to providing children with the highest quality educational experience possible.