Gas Music Create Music for EduGuru Educational Apps For Kids

MANCHESTER, 29th September 2016, music and sound design company GAS Music today announced they have re-mastered and produced well-known nursery rhymes for 4 educational apps created by NW-based The Game Creators. The Apps support the UK national curriculum and cover the key subjects of Maths, English, Art & Music and Science & Technology for 3-5 year olds. Music used in educational apps is crucial in maintaining the child’s interest and encouraging the repeat play that helps the learning process. 

The Game Creators worked closely with UK teachers, nursery schools  and parents to create EduGuru and launched the Maths app in September, which features 128 games that engage children with core curriculum subjects in a fun open-ended way. GAS Music’s nursery rhyme tracks set the scene and add drama to the games which feature cute animated characters that bring education to life outside the classroom.

GAS Music, Founder, Gary Hilton, said;

“We are very pleased to be working with The Game Creators on such an important project. Music is vital to create interest and maintain play in apps especially for small kids and the subject matter, so we worked hard to achieve some great tracks. Recording the nursery rhymes with the children was good fun and we look forward to working with The Game Creators on the next EduGuru app.”

The Game Creators Marketing Director, Deborah Ascott-Jones, said;

“Working alongside Steve and Gary on the new EduGuru Maths app has been great from proposal to launch. The team have been incredibly creative and professional. As experience composers in the gaming industry, they knew how appealing music has to be to work in an app. We look forward to working with GAS to create the music for the next apps we are building in the EduGuru collection.

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GAS Music, based in Manchester’s MediaCityUK, offer creative directors bespoke composed music for commercial advertising, television idents, films, gaming and presentations within the business sector. The GAS team are experienced composers who offer great compositions with a quick turnaround and at high production values for realistic prices for today’s creative budgets.

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EduGuru is developed and produced by The Game Creators, a privately owned UK company, established in 1999. The Game Creators have an in-depth understanding of consumer & educational software, having worked for one of the top 5 software publishers in the UK, Europress Group, before it was sold to Hasbro. One of their key products was ‘Fun School’ which sold over 2 million units in the UK in the 90s. It was translated to 15 languages and licensed to different countries in Europe, US and Asia.

They also created and produced the computer game for Art Attack, the top selling educational product in the UK (before Disney owned it).  The highly successful ‘Klik’n Play’ and ‘Click & Create’, were two of the very first game creator brands.

The Game Creators, Deborah Ascott-Jones, 07879 891011 or [email protected]