EduGuru Maths

EduGuru Maths is aimed perfectly at 3-5 year olds and gives them a balance of teaching and instruction, with cute animations, to help develop their basic maths skills including:

Develop basic maths skills including:
The animations are fun and the variety of quick activities prevents any boredom kicking in!

EduGuru gives children a fun-learning jumpstart on the formal maths teaching that starts in school and compliments the simple math skills that parents can introduce through their daily routines (for example, counting steps with your child as you go up or down).

Learning early mathematical concepts and skills is easy with EduGuru. Cute and basic animations guide children through the key topics in the Early Years Foundation Stage, which sets the standards for the learning, development and care of pre-school children in England, the Foundation Phase in Wales and the Early Years Foundation in Scotland.

EduGuru Maths games cover key mathematical concepts and skills
Captain Clock
Telling the time, Minutes and hours
Cosmic Counting
Counting 1-10-20, Number recognition and ordering
Fishing Fun
Size, weight, distance and position
Meadow Maths
Addition and subtraction
Money Pig
UK/English coins, money and values
Shape Sort
Patterns, shapes, sequences and Colours
Match Up
Patterns, shapes, sequences and Colours
Space Solver
Matching, doubling, halving and sharing

Start your child learning maths with EduGuru!

EduGuru apps cater for a range of learning levels and, through changing activities, offers children plenty of opportunities to learn and practice learning concepts and key skills without getting bored.