Frequently asked Questions

Medals are awarded when a certain amount of stars have been won by completing levels in the games. Bronze medals will be awarded when 30% of the stars of a game are earned, silver medals when 65% won and gold medals for 100%.
When a player has earned all the medals of a certain type across all the games they will receive a trophy. So, for example, earning all the bronze medals will earn a bronze trophy.
Stars, medals and trophies won are stored safely for the guest user and every new user created. When you switch to a new user, that users progress is restored. Please be aware that deleting a user will delete all progress for that user.
On Android you can pin the app to the screen by enabling this in the device settings, then tapping the recent apps button, tap the EduGuru app icon, and choose Pin App. On iOS there is a feature called Guided Access which you can enable in the Accessibility section of the device settings, then triple tap the home button whilst running the EduGuru app.
Depending on the vendor, you can obtain a full refund by returning to the app store you purchased EduGuru from, and selecting the Refund button which will display as one of the options available on purchased apps you own.
You can write a review of EduGuru by selecting the first button under the large owl in the main help system page. This will take you to a page which allows you to rate the app, write a review and obtain further help from the EduGuru team.
The app store will unroll any half completed download or installation, allowing you to automatically download or install EduGuru from scratch. If your purchase went through successfully, you will not be charged twice and the app will be available for download and installation.
Yes, you can add additional users to the app by selecting the third button down, under the large owl in the main help system page. Once on the Users page, you can click the Add button to enter the name of a new user. From here you can also select which user is the current active user to track their progress.
Depending on the type of device, you will have a number of methods, but the universal method is to hold down your device power button for 6 seconds. The device will ask you if you are sure you want to restart or power down the device. Confirm this selection and the device will restart.
Once you have logged into the new device with the same account details you used to log into your old device, all your previous apps will be made available on the new device. It only requires you to browse the apps you own via the app store and download them to the new device.